The third gen Touareg - what's changed on this classic model?

Added: 29 December 2017

After its initial release in 2003, the Touareg has seen a number of quality of life changes as well as major changes to the engine and overall performance of the car. With the introduction of the 3rd edition model to the market, you might be thinking about what’s changed and the difference it has made hopefully this will shed some light on the changes.

Cargo changes, Volkswagen Touareg

The Touareg’s cargo space this time around has not changed a great deal and still offers ample space to suit a family. When compared to the space of a BMW X5 the Touareg is almost identical meaning that you will almost never be left without space in your car. Another thing to note with these changes is that the Touareg has shaved a hefty 10% of its original weight with this new model without losing any interior space. This change not only makes the drive less tasking but also increases the overall efficiency and fuel economy of the vehicle.

Expert design, the styling of the Touareg

The styling of the Touareg this time around is much more conservative giving it that old school VW vibe. The front end leans more towards a golf’s styling which really helps to disguise its size. With these changes the CD factor for the Touareg has dropped from 0.38 to 0.37. As for extras on the Touareg you can opt for Bi-xenon lights, which are costly but they vastly improve the performance of the car at night.

Peak performance, the Touareg

With the reduced weight of the Touareg it offers more in the way of performance. The third edition Touareg has 262bhp, which may not sound like a lot for a car of this size but it makes up for that with 406lb ft of torque. After all this the Touareg goes from 0-60 in 6.9sec! The fuel economy change from the previous model is more than noticeable shaving off several miles per gallon. If you’re looking for even more in terms of economy, you can also look towards the hybrid model.

Overall, the Touareg’s recent quality of life changes have made it feel almost entirely new. If you’re interested in finding out more about the Touareg then feel free to