There are some things in life you just can't train for...

Added: 09 March 2018

Senior service advisor, Jody, had a young distressed driver that had collided with a pheasant arrive at Heritage Volkswagen Salisbury yesterday evening.

Wasting no time Jody ran the car into the workshop and removed the bird that was stuck headfirst in the grille of the car.

To everyone’s amazement, as the pheasant was removed from the lower grille, it proceeded to run around the workshop apparently in the best of health!

The young lady driver was very relieved, but not as much as the pheasant who commented: “Having survived the shooting season unscathed I was looking forward to a relaxing summer in and around the beautiful surroundings of Salisbury, when I ran out in front of the car I realised that may well scupper my plans – but thanks to Jody (and the Polo’s 5 Star NCAP safety rating) I’m as free as a bird once more and have learnt my lesson and will be studying the green cross code in great detail before crossing road in future”

A farmer customer who saw what had happened took the pheasant back to his farm to be repatriated with the countryside.