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Volkswagen Names Upcoming Supermini Coupe Crossover - VW Nivus

Added: 15 January 2020

Volkswagen Names Upcoming Supermini Coupe Crossover - VW Nivus

The secret is finally out. Volkswagen has unveiled the name of its upcoming supermini coupe crossover, and its name is the Volkswagen Nivus.

Previously, it was believed that Volkswagen would go with calling it the New Urban Coupe or the T-Sport. However, the Nivus has finally been set in stone, and it is set to hit specific markets in the second quarter of 2020.

What to Expect?

Aside from the name, there’s not much else known about the Volkswagen Nivus. We know it bears a resemblance to the Polo size-wise. From the press teaser shrouded in mystery, getting a decent idea of the rest of the car will need to wait until its unveiling in the spring.

However, there are some hints you can glean from these images. For one, it appears to boast a similar wheelbase to the Polo. Unlike the classic compact car, though, the rear overhang appears more substantial, which will provide increased cargo or luggage space, which means it could be ideal as a small family car planning your first holiday.

The rear roofline also aches to the floor, which gives the impression of a coupe-like silhouette and adds a touch of the sleek sophistication we’ve come to expect from cars of the 21st century.

The luggage rack lines on the roof also pay credence to this idea, and the sleek design shouldn’t interfere with aerodynamics to deliver a smooth ride cruising down the motorway on the way to Dover to catch the ferry.

As for the front of the car, you can see the influence of similar crossover ventures by the company. This is most evident in the horizontal slats you’ll find running between the headlights.

What About the Engine?

The Nivus will only be available with a 1.0 TSI engine so that answers that for you. However, it is available in both automatic and manual transmissions.

The six-speed automatic offers 126 brake horsepower, while the crossover manual, which is also a six-speed, comes with 114 brake horsepower. Overall, though, this doesn’t matter, and it often comes down to preference. The Nivus will operate with front-wheel drive regardless of the powertrain.

Why is the Crossover Important?

Speaking last year, Volkswagen Latin America’s President and CEO announced the Nivus (at the time understood to be called the New Urban Coupe) was Brazil’s first chance to share its technology, design, and know-how with the wider world. It shows a step forward in a collaboration that can help benefit drivers on all sides of the world, across hemispheres, languages, and continents.

How Much Will it Cost?

Current estimates currently put the Nivus at 75,000 Brazilian Real (R$), £14,085 at current exchange rates, for the base model, while the range-topping version will cost around 90,000 R$ (£16,900), and this means the Nivus will be cheaper than the T-Cross, which is currently available at £17,395.

When Can You Buy One?

As it was developed in Brazil, the Nivus will first go on sale there and then later glide into European markets sometime in 2021, but while there’s still some time to wait before you can get behind the wheel, there’s a feeling it will be worth it.

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