Volkswagen plan a series of SUVs to go alongside their Tiguan-based SUV

Added: 02 February 2016

The German giants look set to bolster their SUV family by planning a ‘whole family’ of models carrying the name,  They will start with the large seven-seater edition and then introduce a five-door coupe that looks set to rival models such as the Range Rover Evoque.

The latest Tiguan is set to be released in April and will be the introductory SUV to sit on the brands MQB chassis.  The Tiguan’s MQB version will be used to support sister models such as the SEAT Ateca, Skoda Yeti and the Audi Q3.

Volkswagen’s compact cars boss Dr Jochen Bohle confirmed the manufacturer has ‘plans for a whole Tiguan family over the next two to three years’.  VW had recently registered several ‘T’ based car names such as Teracor, Tribe, Trillium and Terasun, however, Dr Bohle confirmed that the new SUV would definitely carry the Tiguan badge.

The first variant version of the Tiguan will be simply be longer and be a seven-seat version of the car.  The wheelbase will be extended by 110mm with a lengthier overhang at the rear.  The rumours have suggested the longer model will carry the name Tiguan XL.  The initial idea is to introduce the model in Mexico and China before assessing the European market for a suitably timed introduction.

Bohle had also confirmed that Volkswagen were making good progress with a five-door Coupe version of the Tiguan, describing it as ‘very exciting car’.  The Coupe version will be sat on the wheelbase of the regular SUV, but isn’t expected to offer lower, ‘on-road’ trim or ‘off-road’ spec that gives the Tiguan a more extreme, off-road angle.  Lastly, Bohle confirmed that the Tiguan Coupe will have a European line and is likely to be based at the Wolfsburg branch.