Volkswagen have revealed an all new I.D concept car

Added: 20 October 2016

At this years Paris Motor Show Volkswagen have revealed an all new I.D concept car which is an all electric car built on a brand new MEB platform and is the first in a series of electric vehicles which are set to his our roads in 2020.

The I.D is a compact model which is said to be able to offer a range of around 249 to 373 miles and can be recharged wirelessly! If you did want to plug in the I.D for a charge you will be able to get around an 80% recharge in only 30 minutes which is very efficient. As autonomous driving is becoming increasingly a hot topic the Volkswagen I.D is the first model which will be fully electric and built for fully autonomous driving and the brand plan to be achieving sales of one million electric cars per annum across the globe in around 10 years time.

Now what will the compact I.D look like? Well, Volkswagen are creating an exclusive new design language which will dictate the overall look of the range of EV’s when they are released. There will be no need for the standard grille dominating the front as the 168bhp electric motor does not require the same cooling system as a conventional fuel drive engine; the lack of grille gives off a very futuristic look overall. Instead the front is given its character from digital headlamps which feature daytime running lights as well as a two tone body colouring. The concept also features a full-length panoramic roof and slim taillights which extend to the rear haunches.

As it is very early days for the concept there are currently no details on the interior although from the size we would anticipate it’s likely to be a five seater model (even though the concept is only four) as well as a minimalistic dashboard and steering wheel which would sit back into the dashboard when the fully autonomous Pilot mode is switched on, giving you the driver the space to relax like your passengers.

The all new platform which will underpin the I.D is the new MEB platform which has been specifically created for electric vehicles across the Volkswagen Group. All MEB platform based vehicle will feature lithium-ion batteries and these thanks to their modular design will sit in a space within the car's floor which allows for no loss of boot space to cater for the battery pack; thenceforth, we can expect the centre of gravity for the model to be low which in turn will allow for a better handling for the I.D. In fact Volkswagen have stated the electric platform allows for an additional 240mm of passenger space in comparison to a like for like comparison which offers a traditional powertrain.

The lithium-ion batteries should be able to produce acceleration of 0-62mph in under 8 seconds and achieve top speeds of just under 100mph! As the I.D concept car is fully autonomous there is also the potential that it would be able to collect parcels from a delivery service when the driver is not home and find it’s own parking space when doing so!

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