The all-new Volkswagen Tiguan XL draws closer

Added: 31 August 2016

The all new Volkswagen Tiguan XL has been spied out on the roads in Europe without the mask of any disguise. The new Tiguan will feature a 110mm longer wheelbase than the existing model creating an overall larger SUV which can take on rivals such as the Nissan Qashqai.

Alongside the increased length of the wheelbase the rear overhang has also grown in size which allows for an extra row of seats in turn increasing passenger capacity for the model by taking it up to a seven seater. We know that the Volkswagen SUV range is going to achieve quite some expansion in the coming years in particular for the much loved Tiguan model with both a seven seat edition as well as a five-door coupe which can take on models such as the Range Rover Evoque.

The latest Volkswagen Tiguan is also the first of the Volkswagen Group’s SUV’s to sit on the new MQB architecture which are the same set of components which everything from the Golf Mk7 up to the SKODA Octavia are built on. The version which will be used on the new Tiguan will also go on to underpin the all new SEAT Ateca as well as both the Audi Q3 as well as the SKODA Yeti.
The Tiguan family is going to become a real driving point for Volkswagen when it comes to it’s expansion of the SUV range and looks like it may almost come to be a brand in itself as recently a whole host of names beginning with T have been registered by the brand including Tribe, Teracor, Trillium and Terasun hinting the possibility of a whole host of different models and variants on the horizon.

As well as the larger XL version of the Tiguan which is set to be launched in China and Mexico initially there will also be the five-door coupe version of the Tiguan which will share its wheelbase with the current Tiguan, we can expect to see that launched in Europe once production is confirmed. As well as the XL and coupe versions Volkswagen have hinted at smaller versions of the Tiguan too; keep checking back to Heritage Volkswagen and we will bring you all the latest news and updates as and when they become available.