Volkswagen Unveil New Plans for Mk8 Golf

Added: 19 January 2016

Volkswagen have unveiled what’s in store for their latest version of the iconic Golf and it sounds like the perfect recipe to continue its unrivalled success.

The German manufacturer has already indicated that the current Mk7 will be the beneficiary of a minor facelift later in the year but have now unveiled the mk8 evolution will be on our roads as early as 2018, developing the revised Mk7 even further.  Volkswagen have gone straight for the core and have looked to improve the key components to an already stellar, stylish, family hatch.  The Mk8 will be more practical, boast increased performance and will tie all this in with being even more economical.

The new Golf will still be based on Volkswagen’s ever-reliable MQB platform which could even see them through to new models released up to, and including 2025.  

Murmurings have suggested the Mk8 Golf will be between 50-75kg lighter than its predecessor and similar to the latest edition of the Tiguan will be lower and wider.  The German manufacturer is set to implement a range of new more fuel efficient engines as well as top of the range technology such as high-spec gesture control and the TFT dashboard seen within the Passat.

In terms of visuals the latest Golf will follow Volkswagen’s more recent strategy of evolution rather than a complete revolution so we’re expecting a modernised, revamped version of its current iconic chassis meaning it will still be immediately recognisable with LED lighting and a sharper more chiseled grille.  We’re not just expecting improvements to the exterior aesthetics but also a range of refined interior upholstery made from high quality leathers and plastics.

Concentrating on the what’s under the bonnet, Volkswagen will deliver a series of extremely efficient 1.5 litre TDI engines that will boast between 75-120 bhp and should be under the 85g/km of CO2 mark.  The Golf will initially be delivered in the form of its iconic hatchback state, but expect an estate, R-Line as well as a range of GTi’s and GTD’s to be announced very shortly after.

Keep your eyes peeled for all the latest information on the eagerly-anticipated Mk8 Golf.