Work Experience at Heritage Automotive

Added: 16 February 2018

Recently we have had the pleasure of 18-year-old Jack's company at our Salisbury Audi and Heritage of Volkswagen Salisbury dealerships. Jack is keen to be part of the automotive industry, with the primary aim of being a salesman, but he also has an interest in the marketing and social media side of things.

We checked in with Jack halfway through his work experience at Heritage Automotive.

  • Jack, it’s the end of your first week, how have things been going?

"I have really enjoyed my first week with Salisbury Audi. It's been a fantastic insight into the working world and the motor industry. The people have been a pleasure to shadow and work alongside and have really made the experience worthwhile!" 

  • What have been some of the highlights of your time with us so far?

"The highlights of my week have to be working with the sales executives on the floor at Audi. It was something i was definitely considering as a career before beginning my work experience, and it has really solidified that as an option. However working upstairs with the marketing team was also a great experience, using some of their software and getting a real feel for the job. It's left me with another option as a career path."

  • What would you say to someone looking to join the automotive industry/Heritage Automotive based on your time spent here?

"Go for it. if you are considering it definitely take action on it. Many people have told me during my time working here to just 'Go for it'. I have enjoyed it immensely so far and I'm sure that others would too."

  • So far, is everything living up to your expectation, or have there been things that you didn’t see coming?

"Most things are as I would have expected but there is definitely a sense of teamwork within the department. There's also a distinct competitive edge which was great to see!"

  • Have you learned anything particularly important, if so what is it?

"I learnt you don't need to be a genius to be successful at your job, as long as you use and help your colleges around you. Creating friendships within your team is also hugely important."