Volkswagen | Winter Tyres

Driving a Volkswagen means never making compromises, even on your accessories. Especially in winter, when extreme weather conditions make driving particularly challenging and you need the right wheels to keep you on the road. So choose maximum safety and quality from Volkswagen Accessories: we are proud to offer a wide range of complete winter wheels with the optimum combination of rim and tyre for every Volkswagen. And there’s no compromising on style either: each wheel is specifically designed to complement your Volkswagen’s distinctive, modern look.

In the cold months of winter, there really is no alternative: only winter tyres can provide the reliability you need. Their specialised rubber composition and tread patterns are specifically designed to make driving safer – and not just on ice and snow. Even at 7°C or more, winter tyres provide excellent grip and shorten braking distances.

The Volkswagen Warranty

36 MONTHS AND COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE - when you purchase complete wheels from your Volkswagen Partner, you automatically receive the Volkswagen tyre warranty:

  • Replacement tyres in the event of damage, e.g. caused by sharp objects, curb impact or vandalism
  • Completely free of charge
  • Valid for 36 months from purchase date Visit your Volkswagen Partner for more information about our tyre warranty.

Why Choose Us

At Heritage VW, we want you to feel confident about the quality of service you'll receive - every time you visit us.

As part of our commitment we can offer you:

  • Manufacturer trained technicians undergoing continual reassessment
  • Latest diagnostic equipment
  • Free Visual Health Check (EVC)
  • We only use genuine manufacturer parts
  • Commitment to delivering first class service every time
  • Official Volkswagen stamp in your service book